Extreme Sheet Metal Works


Guy Bergeron

Guy Bergeron, Owner

HVAC Project for Large Restaurant

Extreme Sheet Metal LLC.

338 Thoroughbred Drive

Lafayette, LA 70507-2564

337-896-4418 (Shop and FAX)

337-781-8698 (cell phone)


Formerly With:An established Sheet Metal Shop at this location.


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Custom Metal Fabrication

HVAC: Commercial Ventilation Heating & Air handling solutions.
Commercial Exhaust Hoods
Residential Kitchen Hoods
Speciality Metal Work
Custom Bending, Rolling, Forming,
and Welding Sheet Metal
Plasma Cutting
Rolling/Punching of Sheet Metal
Roof Curbs and Flashing
Shearing/Bending of 10 ft. sheets
Custom Gutters and Downspouts
Awnings and Canopies
Unique Home Accessories
Cajun Microwave Cookers
Custom Fabrication
Zydeco Rub Boards